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New World 3 Parks Supermarket provides a highly-articulated building volume that responds to both the wider site context as well as the streetscapes it will interact with.

This market paves a new direction in New World supermarket design for Foodstuffs (SI) Ltd. The internal planning allows for a large open-plan produce, bakery and deli area at entry focusing on fresh foods in a vibrant spacious market environment flooded with natural light. The extent of glazing also allows the exterior Wanaka context to be revealed within. Mt Aspiring is visible to the north east and Mt Iron to the south.

The main customer entry lobby protrudes from the main building line on the East side. This links directly to the carpark (with Mt Iron vista behind) and the main pedestrian axis running North – South through the site. This aids clear circulation to and from the entry.

The main façade, facing East, contains extensive glazing that continues around on to the North and South elevations. This aids transparency into the supermarket to customers as well as those passing the site.  This breaks down the mass of the building and activates the building corners adjacent the main entry. The roof forms a simple, integral canopy to this façade providing shelter from the elements.

The faceted façade facing the South and South West is broken down into components to minimise the mass of the building. This provides a textured edge which addresses the road and adds interest. This is realised using modulated panelling and modulated strip glazing set back into deep reveals and recesses within three-dimensional boxed out elements.

There is an administration level above and to the South side of the retail areas of the supermarket. The administration level is housed within the main gable roof volume and includes an outdoor area for staff which is located in a deep recess in the façade of the South elevation.

The supermarket will be serviced via the South West corner of the building by way of a drive through bulk store.

A central aim was to design a building that is interesting and well modelled through articulation of the facades, which are aimed at reducing the bulk of the building as well as responding to the environment the building is to be situated.


We, along with our client Foodstuffs South Island Ltd, are continually striving to reduce the carbon footprint of all building projects wherever possible. The following initiatives have been incorporated into the design of New World 3 Parks Supermarket in line with this aim:

•  Insulation values that exceed Building Code requirements.

•  Use of New Zealand Green Building Council approved products.

•  Argon filled low-E double glazing used throughout (including main entry glazing).

•  Use of natural light to main retail area.

•  C0² refrigeration systems (no C.F.C. Coolants).

•  Use of hardwood cedar timber certified by Forest Stewardship Council (from managed plantations).

•  Heat recovery from refrigeration system for heating hot water.

•  LED Energy efficient light fittings.

•  Passive solar design.

•  Rainwater harvesting – water storage tanks.