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Henry Street Residence


The brief for this project was to provide a series of new spaces within an extension to compliment an existing heritage cottage and provide a modern living experience that integrates with the site and the cottage. The scale and bulk of the new extension was a key consideration. The density of existing houses on the street is relatively high and small in scale.

It was decided the existing cottage would house visitor accommodation and a new extension to the rear would house new living, utility and kitchen spaces as well as a master bedroom suite. The outcome is a series of new spaces that link into the cottage via the existing Hall which in turn forms a clear circulation axis right into the middle of the site. Internal and external spaces flow to either side.

The site is long and narrow with views to the rear. Neighboring houses are close to the boundaries therefor discreet view shafts have been integrated to provide views longitudinally through the site to ensure privacy to the living spaces.

A simple palette of materials has been utilised. Black steel cladding and roofing, matching the profile of the existing cottage, recycled native timber which links to the existing fabric of the cottage and black steel.


Sustainability Statement

The design of this dwelling is inherently small. The client’s wishes were to have relatively small, well insulated, responsibly designed spaces within an efficient footprint.

The extension has been orientated to the North to encourage solar gain. The extension is slender in plan, enabling passive cross ventilation to be utilised. Manipulation of the building form provides shading to external living spaces and strategically placed, modest sized windows and doors mean additional sun shading is not required.

High levels of insulation (above code requirements) have been utilised throughout together with high performance glass and thermally broken window systems. Due to the relatively small envelope, minimal heating is required. This is comprised of a small heat pump and a studio log burner. The master bedroom area is passively heated from the living spaces below.

While being designed and built with a modest budget, the performance of the house is high in terms of minimal running costs and energy consumption.

Recycled native timber has been utilised which links back to those used within the existing heritage cottage. Prefinished exterior cladding provides a low maintenance, durable finish.